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Designer / Problem-Solver / Doodler

My name is Komal, and I’m a Product Designer at Stretto and recent grad of the M.S. HCI program at Georgia Tech. I love designing creative, innovative products that solve complex problems and provide a pleasurable experience to users and are backed up by data-driven user research. 

I value empathy, innovation, and serving others before yourself.One of my core principles is that you should always strive to help others using your own skills. Thus in my spare time, I have volunteered as a visual designer, graphic designer, and product designer for different organizations. 

Want to work together or chat over some coffee? Send me an email at!


What's my story?

Originally from Houston, TX, I moved to Atlanta, GA to get a Bachelor’s in Computer Science from Georgia Tech.


During my junior year, I realized that I wanted to combine my creativity to help improve tech-based products; thus, I decided to concentrate in the HCI and Media threads for my degree.


Eager to learn more, I pursued a Master’s in Human-Computer Interaction at Georgia Tech so I can further learn how to design for others' mindsets and needs instead of yours.

I am a strong advocate for design thinking and inclusive design. I believe in creating aesthetically pleasing designs that are purposeful and meaningful and serve everyone.

What do I do for fun?

In my spare time, you can catch me at a local coffee shop, most likely sketching on my iPad Pro. I also enjoy the stage, particularly singing at sing-a-long nights. I also love playing games with a strong narrative and engaging gameplay (board, card, and video), and geeking out over particular franchises, stationery, and different cultures.


There are other things that I enjoy doing that I haven't listed out, so get to know me to find out more!

My online presence.

my art blog !

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