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My name is Komal, and I’m a recent grad of the M.S. HCI program at Georgia Tech. I love designing products that provide a pleasurable experience to users and are backed up by data-driven research. 

I value empathy, innovation, and serving others before yourself.​ 

I'm currently looking for full-time UX/Product Design opportunities in Chicago, IL starting in Summer 2020.

Want to work together or chat over some coffee? Send me an email at!

How did I end up in UX?

Originally from Houston, TX, I moved to Atlanta, GA to get a Bachelor’s in Computer Science from Georgia Tech.


During my junior year, I took some psychology courses and fell in love with how humans think. I wanted to thus have a career that combined both Computer Science and Psychology.


That’s when I found out about User Experience! I also have loved all forms of art ever since I was little, so UX Design naturally peaked my interest! I thus pursued a Master’s in Human-Computer Interaction at Georgia Tech so I can further learn how to design for others instead of yourself.

One of my core principles is that you should always strive to help others using your own skills. Thus, I strongly believe in designing innovative technologies to benefit society in some way. Certain areas that have always intrigued me are technology for health, education, and social reform.


I enjoy creating aesthetically pleasing designs and believe that aesthetics can really make or break the user experience. I also am interested in working in the entertainment space and have designed a video game in the past!

What do I do for fun?

In my spare time, you can catch me at a local coffee shop, most likely sketching and bullet journaling. I also enjoy the stage, particularly singing at sing-a-long nights. I also love playing strong narrative-based games (board, card, and video) and geeking out over particular franchises, stationery, and all things Japanese.


There are other things that I enjoy doing that I haven't listed out, so get to know me to find out more!

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